fit2When it comes to getting fit, it can often seem that all our choices are limited and repetitious. If you’ve been working out for sometime, it can often seem as if you’ve been doing the same routine for ages, going to the gym to lift the same weights over and over again, or endlessly running the same route till you know the trail by heart and can tell which song is going to come on during which part of the run. You might be growing bored, stale, feeling uninspired and without motivation to get out there and do something healthy, which is all the more reason to try out these new workouts. The benefits to trying a new workout are many, and in today’s article we’ll outline those as well as telling you if these new workouts might be for you, so read on!

First, what are the benefits of a new workout? The first and most important reason to try something newfit is because it might motivate you to keep exercising. Nothing stops you from getting healthy as quickly as boredom, and for that reason a new routine is absolutely great. Second, you body responds well to being forced to adapt to a new source of stress and stimulous, and thus being forced to tackle a new workout will make your body grow and adapt better than it ever did before. Finally, each new workout will force your body to grow in a completely novel way. Switching from basketball to weight training, or from running to swimming will bring in new parts of your body that weren’t directly targetted before.

The first new workout that is taking the world by storm is called SoulCycle, and it’s a spiritual version of a spinning class. Imagine a 45 minute class done by candlelight during which you pedal and workout to heart-pumping cardio while your coach encourages you with life-affirming messages. If you think you could benefit from a spinning class with a spiritual side, than this is for you.fit3

Next is Barre classes, a new craze that involves micro-movements so as to tone and firm up your body. What you do is take a light weight and do inch long movements, targetting your butt, legs and core so as to develop a dancer’s body. Each class lasts about an hour, and uses hand weights and exercise balls. Try this one if you are looking for a long, lithe, and elegant body!