butt2Exercise has numerous advantages to our bodies. Apart from helping us get rid of excess weight and get us to shape up, exercise is key to our entire health. For anyone to attain a healthy body we need to maintain it. We can compare our bodies to a vehicle if you don’t regularly maintain your car well, it slowly decreases its functionality and one day it may stop working. This also applies to the human body, therefore, it’s important to keep our bodies healthy and fit through regular exercise.

One benefit of exercise is that it keeps and built strong muscles and joints hence decreasing the chances for your body especially the butts from being loose. It keeps your whole body flexible with maintained posture. People have different shapes and type of body, and Some have firm and well-composed butts while others have loose butts that can be firmed using exercise.

Many people especially women ask this question,which exercises will get me a firm butt? If you want your backside be tight and shapely, there is a solution through several types of exercise that will leave your butt muscles well built . With consistency and discipline without a doubt, you will start seeing the results and feel good about your body. These exercises include:


These are usually the best and the go- to training to keep your butts tightened and toned up. You start by standing and keeping your shoulders and legs width apart. Then squat as though you are sitting back, let your left leg be straight behind you, at the same time stretching and extending your arms forward. You will then return to your squatting position repeating the same using the other side. For one minute, you will continue alternating and exchanging sides. Don’t forget to keep your body weight on your heels, back while letting the hips stay square as you extend your leg behind.
If you regularly do this exercise, you will feel and see the difference between your former butts to the current as it keeps your entire body healthy.

Hip Extension

This is another form of exercising that will leave you smiling with a lovely and sexy butt. They can be fun especially if done at home. Lie facing down with your hips on the edge of your step as the legs remain straight with your toes lightly resting on the floor. Keep squeezing your hamstrings and glutes while straightening the legs. Then you lift one leg much higher following the other in an alternating movement. Doing three sets of this exercise each time will give you good results, and you will keep doing this every time.


This is another way to get your butts into shape and well tightened. Being your first time to training, you need to hold two dumbbells on each side of your body. Bring one of your legs forward while standing to get a proper balance. By bending both legs, you will allow the dumbbells to keep your body down. During this point, your back knee will be close to touching the ground, and that’s when you come back up. Make sure to repeat this using one leg forward and continue with the other the same way.butt

Lunges are of different types such as the walking lunges, side lunges, stationary lunges and reverse lunges. Doing this exercise will give you a positive result to your butts and your entire body.

If you want a perfectly shaped and tight butt, then you have to work for it by exercising and keeping your body fit and you will keep standing tall every day of your life as you keep your entire body healthy and sexy.