MeatEating meat helps human brains develop well. Many researchers found out that if our primitives had not eaten lean red meat over the revolutionary process of human-beings, the human brain size would have been one quarter of our current brain one. Red meat supplies us with an efficient amount of protein and fat which helping our brains develop. Thus, we have intelligent brains as now.

Similarly, meat contains plenty of mineral such as zinc, magnesium and iron which are needed to have a fit body. Moreover, these factors in meat are much easier to be consumed and absorbed in our digestive process than minerals in cereals and beans. In addition, zinc is good for wound healing and it takes part in human appetite controls. Therefore, it is a better choice for you to have a definite amount of meat intake.

Many kinds of protein in beef and mutton are able to maintain the amount of hormones in our bodies. Beside this, it builds strong muscles and this nutrient keeps us healthy. To illustrate, according to some latest Australians researches relating to the role of red meat in healthy diets, from childhood to old age, lean red meat assists to keep Australians healthy.meat2

Furthermore, animal protein containing vitamin B12 which cans only found in meat, especially much in beef, has many significant advantages. Firstly, it is essential for the production of red blood cells in our bodies. Secondly, it also prevents us from catching some serious diseases related to our nerve system such as brain shrinkage and dementia.

Another important mineral which can be found in red meat is carnitine. This substance plays an important role in harmonizing ear’s activities.

Additionally, fat substances in beef and mutton contains abundant amount of linoleic and palmiotelic acids which may help us against cancer and harmful viruses. In other words, it improves our body resistance to surrounding environment and illnesses.

All above reasons come to a conclusion that we still need meat in our daily meals to be healthy as well as meat3avoid many serious diseases. About scientific features, meat contributes to our brain and body development. In addition, considering about cooking features, it is a useful and delicious part of our intake. You can cook many kinds of dishes with meat, for example: roasted, boiled and fried dishes. Also, you can combine meat with most kinds of vegetables to make your dishes more attractive. Thus, meat brings about a variety of cooking choices as well as nutrients for your health. In contrast, you still must care about the amount of meat consumption in your family to balance it with other food.