stoIf there is one secret to weight loss that individuals would love to know, it would be an insight on what to eat to lose fat stomach. It is not all about complicated weight-loss gimmicks and calorie counting as far as lasting weight loss is conerned. Rather, one needs to focus on the sleep rhythms and natural hunger of their body to burn fat, curb unnecessary cravings, and take their energy levels to altogether new heights.

Here is a list of the top five foods that will not only allow an individual to lose more weight and get longer hours of sound sleep, but also work wonders in terms of helping them to lose belly fat. Adding them to one’s diet plan will surely help to keep the middle nice and trim.

– Black beans: Every variety of legume possesses a rich content of fiber and protein, two nutrients that are famous for being appetite-crushers. Moreover, owing to their dark color, black beans have the richest content of flavonoid among all the members of the bean family. And if researches are true, flavonoids help in preventing excess fat from being stored around the tummy.

– Pears: Not only are pears low in calories but they also have a significantly rich fiber content, so much so that one can continue with their weight loss even after having a pear prior to their everyday meals. Also, pears are richly laden with flavonols and catechins, two antioxidants that have been found to hinder the process of fat being stored around the belly, thus resulting in a flatter stomach.

– Peanuts: While it may be hard to believe that these calorie-packed and tasty food items help in weight loss, numerous studies have shown otherwise. Apparently, peanuts contain a type of healthy fat that gets burned with greater ease as opposed to the less-healthy types found in creamy desserts, chips, and cookies. Now that’s an option for a snack not many would have ever thought of!

– Tea: It seems as if the white version of the world’s favourite brew is also a potential fat blaster. In a recent study, human fat cells treated with white tea extracts were found to absorb as much as 70% less fat as opposed to the untreated cells. Moreover, fat breakdown in the existing cells was also triggered by these very same tea compounds.

– Apple cider vinegar: As a tang-provider for sauces and salad dressings, and also as a fish condiment, nothing can topple apple cider vinegar from its top spot. However, there is more to it- apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which not only obstructs fat storage around the stomach but also boosts the ability of the body to burn existing amount of fat.sto2
All said and done, there is no substitute to regular exercise when it comes to maintaining a fit and healthy physique. Find half an hour in your daily schedule for some exercise and you will get a flatter belly sooner than expected, now that you also know what to eat to lose fat stomach.